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Overview of jobs

Below is a description of the various positions you can apply for with 2B Consulting.

  • IS Consultants interns

Students in the last year of an engineering degree or a specialized first or second level Masters, after a two-week induction into our structure, methodologies and tools, you will join a team and take part in the various stages of project implementation: consultancy, functional and technical analysis, design, development and user training.   


  • Junior consultants

Working in a team on value-added projects, you will work on the various project stages.

As you gain experience, you will be able to expand the scope of your involvement: specifications, configuration, input of historical data, acceptance, roll-out, user and operation.

You will work with clients in a variety of sectors (industry, service companies, banking and insurance, local authorities, etc...) and on a wide range of functional and technical aspects.

  • Consultants / Project managers

Based on the experience they have gained as junior consultants working on integration projects, consultants have a wider remit: 

  • they are involved in pre-sales, through the drafting and presentation of the functional aspects of proposals,
  • they participate in every stage of the project,
  • they are clients' first point of contact.

You will be able to develop your managerial skills, both on an interpersonal and project supervision level. You will therefore continue to be involved in comprehensive projects from the management side and you will work on a wide range of technical and functional aspects. 


  • Experts / Managers
  • As your technical and managerial skills develop you may come to occupy a role as an expert in our IBM Cognos solutions and/or supervising and supporting teams of consultants.

2B Consulting managers all have real expertise and strong "field" experience. They provide proximity and support to their teams on a daily basis.

In these roles you will work on the uptstream stages of a project, while retaining a significant "field" dimension which will allow you to remain in contact with project teams, as well as to develop client relations.

  • Customer Accounts Executives

With strong commercial skills, you will be responsible for developing business among our clients and managing the relationship with publishers and partners. You will be in charge of managing a portfolio of existing clients and prospecting in a specific region.

Your tasks will range from prospection to closing and contract signing, via responses to calls for bids and drafting commercial proposals.