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Recognized business & technological expertise to implement appropriate solutions

Since 2B Consulting was founded in 1998, we have worked with 700 clients, from CAC 40 key accounts to small SMEs, spanning every business sector on the market. We have become recognized as experts in implementing IBM Cognos Business Analytics solutions, allowing us to provide you with the best service just when you need it.

We help our customers develop and transform on a daily basis, guaranteeing them a competitive edge by benefiting from new technologies, new ideas and new processes faster than their competitors. 


To ensure its clients'success, 2B Consulting places them at the heart of its organization. Working with 2B Consulting means: 


  • Having a single contact point throughout the project, guaranteeing you a fast response from the dedicated team and the benefit of our Cognos expertise; 
  • Working with consultants and project managers with a professional background similar to yours, giving them a perfect understanding of the business challenges you face;
  • 2B Consulting's sense of service : in addition to the employees working on your project, all the company's experts can be contacted by the team with any questions, to confirm an opinion or suggest an improvement. 


2B Consulting builds a long-terme relationship of trust with its clients, as demonstrated by the loyalty of the firm's long-standing clients, including Johnson & Johnson, Chèque Déjeuner, Jean-Paul Gaultier...


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2B Consulting. 

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