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What does training involve ?

2B University offers a selection of training and services to develop your teams’ skills, delivered as part of a general course at our premises or a bespoke one at yours.

  • The 2B Consulting training process


The consultants support the trainees step by step throughout the training in order to optimize the transfer of knowledge and make the client teams autonomous as quickly as possible.


The training takes place in three stages:

- theoretical presentation of the solution on PowerPoint with illustration via one or more exercises carried out by the consultant and explained to participants,

- experimentation with the practical aspect of the solution by participants through a number of role-play exercises,

- making of exercises and responses to questions raised by them.

Several training methods exist within 2B University:


  • Traditional training 


- Inter-company

- Intra-company


  • Turnkey training 


- Intra-company: the training is tailored to the database and the economic/technical context of the company taking the training.