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Our Cognos Business Continuity solutions

Business Continuity is a management method which above all requires actions to be consistently applied over time. Applied to a business unit, this method ofter requires related business units to also operate continuously, and this involves the whole chain.

Service continuity is a source of added value for medium-sized companies. The concept is not limited to business recovery in the event of a fire or a serious accident, it also involves protecting all the company's data and business processes against a multitude of internal and external threats, whether predictable or totally unexpected.

Even more importantly, business continuity offers the company's employees new levers for productivity and simplification of their work: 


  • Productivity and operational efficiency gains,
  • Increased confidence of clients and partners,
  • Reduction in Business risks,
  • Decrease in administration and maintenance costs. 


In this section, you will find our range of business continuity solutions: 


  • Support
  • Third-party Software Maintenance
  • Services Center