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2B Consulting - a decade of partnership with IBM for Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions

2B Consulting has been a Cognos partner since it was founded and celebrated in 2012 its 10th year as an IBM Premier Business Partner.

Drawing on the power of IBM’s Business Analytics software, 2B Consulting has made expertise its priority:


- in terms of solutions, naturally,

- but also in terms of its in-depth knowledge of its clients’ business lines. Each sector has its own specific performance criteria and its own levers.


Being familiar with these allows us to help companies gain more from analysis. It guarantees the best return on investment from projects.

This vision, combined with the experience acquired by teams over more than 12 years, means that 2B Consulting is now the leading Cognos partner in France.


The fact that this success results from the loyalty of more than 650 clients shows that it can also be attributed to the company’s fundamental values: transparency and commitment to the quality of the solutions offered and teams whose ultimate objective is to help clients become 100% autonomous.